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    What is a spiritual revolution and why do we need one?

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    A Spiritual Revolution

    Overtime people have become more external than internal in their way of thinking. When we think about something in a certain way, we eventually act out these thoughts in the way that they were thought out to begin with. We have tried many times to have an external revolution with guns and bombs and such. In fighting all of these wars, we have forgotten who we are in the process. Yes, people could probably find better ways to work together. First, we need to understand how we work as individuals. We have stepped into a generation where people have become too concerned with their outer identity. Our outer identity means nothing if we don’t have an inner identity. Kun, as the Dalai Lama writes in Ethics for the New Millenium, means “thoroughly” or “from the depths”. Long, means to arise, or to awaken. “The aim of spiritual and, therefore, ethical practice is thus to transform and perfect the individual’s kun long. This is how we become better human beings.” With this in mind, in order to change the outer world that we live in we must not change who we are on the inside, but simply remember who we are on the inside.

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    A Spiritual Revolution
    When I first heard the phrase “spiritual revolution,” it seemed like a conundrum to me. “Spiritual” seemed like such a tranquil idea. I instantly thought of a group of monks waving incense and chanting in a secluded temple, next to a serene lake. “Revolution” drummed up an opposite response. Gone were the peaceful monks and the calm atmosphere. Now I was picturing bloody battles, ripped flags waving amongst rubble, and exhuberant young revolutionaries with the taste of freedom on their tongues. My two reactions were polar opposite and I couldn’t imagine how they could coexist, let alone form a new entity that was this “spiritual revolution.”
    Then I stopped and actually thought for a minute. What was spirituality? And how could it undergo a revolution? As I read on, I began forming a clearer understanding on the word “spiritual.” I had always thought of it as this plateau of higher living, attainable only to the enlightened and the selfless. Instead, I began to see it as the describes it Dali Lama in “Ethics for the New Millennium,” : simply the qualities that we all have that benefit ourselves as well as others. By allowing one’s self to be compassionate, patience, and tolerant, one is spiritual.
    And how does a revolution come into play? In the Dali Lama’s words, “[The spiritual revolution] is a call for the radical reorientation away from our habitual preoccupation with self. It is a call to turn toward a wider community of beings whom we are connected and for conduct which recognizes other’s interests alongside our own.”
    Essentially, the revolution that needs to happen isn’t based in changing spirituality. The revolution that the Dali Lama is calling for isn’t a bloody one and it isn’t about overthrowing some tyrannical enemy. In fact, there is no enemy. The entire revolution depends on our own self-reflection. Every person needs to look at the way they live their life and see if their spirituality is being fulfilled. We need to see if we are living our lives in a way that benefits our families, neighbors, even the people on the opposite side of the world. The point the Dali Lama is making is that we are all connected and our connectedness is what in turn gives us our spirituality. If everyone allowed himself or herself to live in the most spiritual way possible, the revolution would be complete.

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