Our Story


Ethics-for-the-new-millenniumWelcome to Ethicality.

This site has been created by and for students. Our intention is to be in dialogue with you on the values, ideas and experiences we think are important for living a “good life.” By a “good life” we mean a life of purpose that helps create a better world that is more caring, just, sustainable and at peace with itself. We believe the journey to a good life begins with understanding ourselves, and each other better. We have chosen seven topics of inquiry, and hope you will share your thoughts so we can learn from you as we share what we are learning.

Ethicality was inspired by the book, Ethics for the New Millennium and by a question posed by the Dalai Lama, “How can we bring ethics and human values into education?” We think Ethicality is one way to do that and does not require a school or classroom, nor is it limited by geography, gender, race, religion or any particular ideology.

Thank you for your contribution to this conversation. We know that no one can answer these questions alone. We truly need each other.

-The Senior Class of 2013, Mount Madonna School